What is it? Answers LXVI

Friday, May 27, 2005

357. Tire weight tool, inscribed "-P-D-Q- Weight Removers"

358. Ice cube tray insert

359. Handcuffs, civil war era

360. This is an optical illusion in which the pin will appear upside down if you look through the open end of the canister at the pin silhouetted against the brightly illuminated pin hole. Also, the pin will appear to be beyond the hole instead of in front of it. You don't need a film canister to try this one, you can just make a pin hole in a piece of paper and hold the pin an inch in front of the hole. The reason the pin appears upside down is that you are not seeing the pin itself but the shadow of it that has been cast on the retina.

361. Telephone switchboard

362. Deflecting key, haven't yet verified what it's for

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